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Excursion information to Gibraltar Express

Gibraltar Express
Approximate duration of the excursion 9 hours
Adults price 26.9 €
Children price 20.175 €
Babies price 13.45 €
Reservation Identification data not needed before booking
Passport Identification data needed before booking


Our guide will pick you up at the set time and place.

Obligatory Passport or Identity Card for EU members.

You will then head towards GIBRALTAR, an overseas British territory commonly known for representing one of the two Columns of Hercules in mythology. The city lies at the feet of a huge limestone Rock which rises above sea level and offers from its viewpoints fabulous views over the bay of Gibraltar and even the northern coast of Africa if the weather permits it. During the journey the tour escort will inform you about the programme of the day according to the option you have purchased. The guide will also comment upon several curiosities regarding Gibraltar, the main customs limits for products purchased in Gibraltar and the landscapes and the towns you will see on the way.  Once you cross the border, the coach will take you to the coach park and from this moment you will have 5 hours in Gibraltar including free time and the tour you have purchased.

The options you can choose from are the following:


From the moment you arrive at the coach park you have 5 hours free time to do your shopping, have lunch and to visit the city at your leisure.


Upon arrival at the coach park the guide will inform you at what time you need to be back in order to start the Rock Tour on a minibus.

The Rock Tour includes: guide-driver, stop at Europa Point (the southernmost point of Gibraltar, from where you can see the whole Strait of Gibraltar and, weather permitting, Ceuta and Morocco), entrance to Saint Michael’s cave and the possibility to have a close look at the famous Barbary apes (Macaca sylvanus), the only wild primates in liberty in Europe. The tour takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes, after which you will have at least 3 hours free time for lunch, shopping and visiting the city on your own.


At the time and place set by our guide the coach will take you back to the Costa del Sol.

Extra nameVisita
Adults price 38 €
Children price28.5 €
Babies price19 €

Consiste en un recorrido en minibuses visitando los puntos más importantes de la roca, incluyendo la entrada a la Cueva de St. Michael y los túneles mas importantes. Durante el recorrido podremos observar los famosos monos, todo ello acompañado de un guía local.

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